Once, a wise creature told me,
some are worth melting for,
but his story was long and tired some,
the emotion i gave him,
ment this was a bore.

The old man, who saved his wifes life,
the one that always opens the door,
The one who cares for all no matter who they are,
He is worth melting for.

The young mother, around 17 or 18,
Who picks up trash at the park, cleaning the core,
Ah, yes her?
She is worth melting for.

The young man, 20, who plays with a band,
gave three thousand dollars to the homeless man,
the one that makes me smile, the one that opened the door;
He is worth melting for.

Now not everyone is worth all the melting and sorrow;
Especially people who dont return what they borrow.
Not the man who abused his kids,
Not the woman who sold her daughter for the highest bids.
Not the man, who killed his own wife,
Not the women, who faught with a knife.

All those people,
all those ****** glores,
But never mind those people,
You are worth Melting for.