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You are my rock that I lean on, when times get tough.
I can’t begin to explain to you how I feel

But always know my love for you is truly there.
Although you can’t see it please know that

I care so much that I can’t even describe in words to you.
When I need you, you’re there for me.

You’ve never let me down, no matter how bad I’ve messed up.
No matter the reason you never let me down.

You’re always trying to cheer me up and make me smile when I’m down.
You never gave up on me. You never let go of anything that we have.

You’ve always believed in me…in us.
As times got tough you always stood by me.

Now all I can do is tell you, Thank you for all you’ve done.

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing.
I love you.
And it will never rain again

Adam Charette