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Here i am, a quarter to midnight
Trying to describe an angel who has caught my sight
Many a words I can use to describe such beauty
But none to my satisifacation can describe this sleeping beauty
I could easily say shes as beautiful as the stars on a lonely night
But such words are hardly enough to describe such a beautiful sight
Then should I say shes as mesmerizing as the Northern Lights?
Of course not, for her beauty is beyond mere sky lights
Perhaps shes as beautiful as the sunset of a summer day
Or maybe the sunrise on a cool crystal clear day
And speaking of which, have you ever seen crystals?
I know I have, in the eyes of a blue rose under the twighlight
So here I am with no words to describe such a beautiful sight
No mere words can paint the pic of sleeping beauty at night
Shes as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside
Making it impossible to describe with words or mere insight
I may not have seen all the beauties of this earth
But certain I am, that the most beautiful beauty i’ve seen is her.

Adam Charette