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Time, if I had all the time in the world I would have absolutely nothing.
It is not time itself that makes your life worth something.

In the time that I have, I will be kinder, gentler, and more giving.
I will take advantage of all the time I have to show more joy; I will be living.

I will take the time that I have to listen more intently.
I will respond and speak more wisely and more softly.

In the time that I have I will share it with those whom I love,
Because I have no idea how much time I have; that is up to God above.

In the time that I have I will devote myself to God through Christ.
I will respect the word of God because without him I have no life.

In the time that I have I will love and honor my wife in all that I do.
I do this out of love, a devoted and never ending love for you.

In the time that I have I will share a passion for a blessed and positive life.
I will make the time to share my love with my one greatest blessing, my beautiful wife.

In the time that we have together I will lift you up in spirit. and to God I will pray
That you have health, kindness, and love as part of your blessing each and every day.

Time is no longer my friend, and I know that is true.
My wife, that is why I want to devote all my time to loving you.

Adam Charette