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Each day is a new found love of you… something new to discover that went unnoticed the day before
         A new part of you to learn and love… I fall in love with you each day
A repeating cycle of emotions which intensify beyond the power of ten thousand suns
           Surrounding my heart and soul… engulfing me like stars in the midnight sky
As I lay next to you I hold tight your soul… praying in my subconscious mind that you are there when I awaken
           As I meet you in my dream… a world built upon clouds of love… passion that rain emotions of deep universal measures
I am full… yet I can not stop partaking of all you have to offer… feed my hungry soul or is this soul of mine just plain addicted to a feeling of the purest form… Love
           As my eyes open in anticipation of seeing you peacefully next to me
The angels paint a smile that I can no long control… my soul singing a song of joyful melodies
           A kiss upon your forehead, a kiss upon your nose… a kiss upon thane lips
Dam a new morning starts the beginning of a new day thane love thee
           My heart loving a new you… a better you… an unforgettable you
This day I love deeper then I loved the day before… intensified love concentrated ten times the sun
           Right now I love you… yesterday I loved you… tomorrow a journey of  love times 10 the sun
Everyday I fall in love with you… my heart unwillingly, unconditionally loves you

Adam Charette